The Freshwater Lake: A New Adventure awaits…

The Freshwater Lake: A New Adventure awaits…

What an exhilarating weekend I had, playing the little tour guide!

A friend of mine (finally) came to Dominica to visit, and it was a great opportunity to show her the things I love about the Nature Isle. Even more so, I got the chance to go to places where I’ve never been before, and do a bit of sightseeing myself! One of these places was the Freshwater Lake. img_9895

The Freshwater Lake is the largest of Dominica’s four lakes (I’ll tell you more about the other 3 when I get the chance to explore them… Stay tuned!). It is located at just over 2,500 ft above sea level and is the original and natural source of the Roseau River. While you read more about the Freshwater lake here, let me go on as I describe our amazing adventure…

The road to the lake is paved with amazing landscape, scenery and “mention-worthy) touristic sites. One of them is the Roseau Valley, which is a point where (from my understanding), you can see the entire town alongside with the riverbed that runs under it.


The Roseau Valley. The small roofs and houses represent different areas of the city and local neighborhoods. The Roseau river is not displayed in this shot.

We could also see the Morne Trois Pitons (“Mountain with three peaks”), which gave name to one of Dominica’s most iconic national parks, the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. 



Morne Trois Pitons. View from Laudat.

The Morne Trois Pitons Mountain can be seen at different points on the island, however, I really wanted to get a good picture depicting the three pits of the mountain. And it was amazing. And totally worth the multiple shots.

Regarding the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, it is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site to be legally established on the Nature Isle (1997). The park is a significant area of volcanic activity and features key natural wonders such as the Valley of Desolation, the Boiling Lake first largest lake in Dominica), the Emerald Pool and Titou Gorge. I will tell you more about these other attractions in my upcoming series, “Morne Trois Pitons National Park: the adventure continues…

For now, let’s keep going.


Here we are! We finally made it to the entrance, it was the beginning of the adventure.


Before proceeding, I had to make sure I took a picture first… Holding a “Morne Trois Pitons” bottle of mineral water 🙂

Along the way, we stumbled upon a refreshing water fountain, and it felt like a moment that should be captured…


When you enter the village of Laudat, a cool and refreshing breeze welcomes you right away. My local friends (and co-tourist guides) added that it’s always cool and chilly in Laudat, which, alongside with the touristic attractions of that community, is another aspect that makes it so unique.


The road to the Fresh water Lake is accessible by walking and also driving. We had a long day ahead, so it seemed wise to save some time and drive.

And there we were, at crossroads: certain about where each path would lead, but uncertain about where we should go…


Crossroads: where should we go?

We eventually agreed to save the Boeri Lake (another one of the largest lakes in Dominica) for another day.

We finally arrived at the Freshwater lake’s location within the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.


There is a small fee to contribute to enter the area, which gives you access to the Freshwater lake and the principal activity that takes place there: kayaking. 

Rosemary rum .jpg

Have you ever tasted Rosemary Rum? I didn’t even know that such a thing existed! In Dominica, you’ll discover everything. I did find however, that the way in which they use and reuse natural herbs and spices for different purposes (even seemingly uncanny ones) is fascinating. You should try it when you get the chance 🙂

Carrying the kayaks .jpg

We finally got to the “F” part of fun! We were a total of 4, so we had to use 2 Kayaks as they only hold 2 persons each. We had to carry our own Kayaks to the lake (a 5-mns walk), which I didn’t particularly like. I would have appreciated it more if there was actually someone to help us carry them, given that they were quite heavy. I dreaded the moment where we would have to carry it back to the shore when done. Luckily I wasn’t alone, but still… 🙁

These picture features two of my special friends on the Nature Isle, who were also my co-tour guides on that day (actually they were the real tour guides, all I did was taking pictures… as you can see).


And here we were! The experience was quite unique: the wind was refreshing, the water was “fresh” (yes, the lake lives up to its name), and the feeling of being in charge of and navigating tour own kayak was pretty cool:) Taking this further, I think this could also be a unique team building experience:

Tip: when on the lake, there’s a possibility that you’ll get wet. So if you want to take any pictures, I’d recommend doing so before you go ahead. Or take things that you’re willing to… let go off in the event that they get wet!


It was epic, to be, once again, one with Nature. <3

Stay tuned (by following my blog and/connecting with me via social media to discover my upcoming series: Morne Trois Pitons National Park: the adventure continues…


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