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Discover the “Top” Nightlife Spot for Tourists in St Louis!

Every savvy traveler likes to have a good time, and sometimes, after a long day of walking around downtown and sightseeing, all you need is a sophisticated cocktail to unwine. And the 360 Rooftop bar (St Louis) offers you just that!

Where Is It?🔭

With such a magnificent and unbeatable view of the entire city of St Louis, there is NO other spot like 360. The bar is located at the rooftop of the Hilton St Louis at Ballpark, and gives you amazing views of the city’s most impressive attractions such as the Gateway Arch, the Mississippi river and the Bush stadium. The outside bar features a contemporary style and great city-like vibes, with a rectangular fire place perfect for cold winter nights or chilly summer evenings. A photo ID is required to access the bar.

Bar 2

View of the 360 Roof Top Bar from Outside.

How Much is It?💰

Entrance to the bar is free, and so is the view! They do offer a wide variety of delicious cocktails that you can choose from based on your mood (and of course, your pocket). While they also offer food options (let me correct that – bite size snacks), I wouldn’t recommend buying any there because it didn’t turn out to be a good “value for your money” deal. The taste was not that great and the sizes not that generous.

Bar 5

Pizza Margharita (or what is left of it..). Sara’s order.

Bar 6

Crab Sandwich. Clem’s order.

Bar 7

A serving of Mussels. Ruki’s order.

What makes it SO amazing?😎

The view, the cocktails, the music, need I say more? I know for a fact that once I stepped in the zone, I could feel the energy and understand why this is the top nightlife spot for all tourists who are visiting St Louis, at least for the first time!

Bar 4

That Margarita did not stand a chance. Ruki was pleased.

How Can You Get there?✈️

The bar is easily accessible via car or app-based transportation services.

Is It Safe?👔👗

I think it is definitely safe to access and safe to stay. The handrails are high enough as arm rests, but if you’re afraid of heights, it’s better to stay further. You can still enjoy the great view, music and cocktails from inside!

Bar 8

Roof Top Bar, View from Inside. Sara and I.

Have you ever been to the 360 Roof Top Bar? Drop your comments below!

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”
― G.K. Chesterton


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4 Trendy and Out of Town Restaurants in Dominica Where You Should Definitely Eat This Summer!

“Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art”. 

When it comes to food tasting and exhilarating culinary experiences, the Nature isle, Dominica, never disappoints! If you’re reading this blog post today and you’ve ever been to Dominica, then you and I can agree that some of the best flavors in the Caribbean are in Waitukubuli land. And it’s not even independence season yet.( (Don’t let me get started on Independence delicacies).

So here are 4 absolutely awesome restaurants that you should try out before the summer ends…

Keepin’ It Real, Toucari Beach Restaurant (Toucari, Dominica)

Food 1 - Toucari

Lobster Delight. This could totally be yours.                                                                Photo credits: Zaimis Olmos Visual Arts 

Anyone who is currently on the Nature Isle knows that Toucari Beach “is” the place to be this summer. Whether it’s for a casual Sunday afternoon with family at the beach or a public holiday vibes, it’s always a good time to go to Toucari (unless it’s raining). And while there, you owe it to yourself (and your tastebuds) to try their tasty lobster. In fact, the only acceptable reason you have for not having eaten at “Keepin’it Real” in Toucari, is, not being on the Nature Isle, Dominica. So just go there already. Summer is almost over. Don’t be the only one who didn’t have the Toucari Experience!

CocoYea! (Soufriere, Dominica)

Food 2 - Cocoyeah

Cocoyea! Bar and Grill, Menu Display

On the southwest coast of the island, you have the beautiful village of Soufriere. Whether you’re going to Soufriere to have the “best snorkeling experience of your life”, to indulge in the legendary Soufriere Sulphur Springs or simply to visit friends, make it your duty (like, literally) to stop at CocoYeah restaurant there. They offer a delectable array of food options that would make you just want to stay. And you might never look at food the same way again. Ever.

Greenhouse Sports Bar and Grill (Mero, Dominica)

Quite a popular spot for a Friday (or Saturday) night out, the Greenhouse Sports Bar is located in Mero, a pretty convenient area since there is a beach nearby (I told you the Nature Isle never disappoints). This spot is pretty easy to spot, especially at night. It’s almost always crowded whenever I go there, and that says something. I usually go with the fish options, but you can pick pretty much anything on the menu. And the cocktails are pretty awesome too.

Food 3 - Mero

Not just the food and drinks, it’s the great company too. Photo credits: Magnificent Marie (the gorgeous-looking lady in all the pics)

Le Flambeau Restaurant (Portsmouth, Dominica)

Food 4 - Le Flambeau

Lion Fish Meal at Le Flambeau Restaurant.                                                       Photocredits: Zaimis Olmos Visual Arts

Le Flambeau restaurant is located in Picard Estate, Portsmouth. It’s a great option for breakfast, lunch and dinner when visiting Portsmouth during the week, on special occasions on the weekend, and if you’re staying at the Portsmouth beach hotel. They have a great assortment of local flavors for lunch and dinner, but for breakfast, make sure you try their Island Pancakes!

Have you tried any of these restaurants before? Are you currently on the Nature Isle, Dominica? Is there any restaurant that you we must absolutely try out this summer? Drop it in a comment below!

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“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.”
― Erma Bombeck

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Now You Can Finally Have Amazing Food in Geneva!

Food sampling is one of my favorite activities when traveling. Just as much as I enjoy sightseeing, I love going to the best restaurants downtown and the best hidden spots in the suburbs, to enjoy local delicacies and add to my travel experience. 🍜

Intro Article

Me about to go Food Tasting in “The City”

For a lot of travelers out there, finding the best restaurants in the city is not always an easy task, especially when you are looking to combine cost, location and quality. For me, restaurant ranking includes four key factors:

1) Location

2) Cost

3) Timeliness of service  

4) Palatability (yes, I love that word. That’s the “yummy factor”).

Luckily, my time spent during my pseudo “vacation” in Geneva has served me well, and here are my suggestions of best restaurants in Geneva where you can eat amazing food without breaking the bank.

Spot #1: Chez Ma Cousine

You think you’ve eaten great chicken? I don’t think you have until you’ve gone there! And take it from someone who has lived in Africa and in the Caribbean, known for their exquisite flavors. Chez Ma Cousine was highly recommended to me by my supervisor while in Geneva. He is not very much of a “chicken-eating” guy, so I knew this restaurant had something special.

LocationThe restaurant is located at Place du Bourg-de-Four 6, 1204 Genève, Switzerland in the “old town”, which is easily accessible by walking or via bus.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 4.38.39 AM

Chez Ma Cousine: Location

Cost: $ – I personally felt like for a city like Geneva which is known for being one of the costliest cities in Europe, Chez Ma Cousine was surprisingly cheap. For 1/2 chicken + salad + potatoes, I only paid CHF 15.90, which is perhaps around 17 Euros. They have other options for menu items, and they are similarly affordable.

Timeliness of Service: 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 I strongly believe that no one should have to wait for food for more than the amount of time it would take you to eat your food. (I eat for about 20 mins, and therefore I wouldn’t be happy to wait for my food for more than 20 mins). At this restaurant, my food was served to me within 10 minutes. That was definitely “thumbs up”. I also loved the fact that the chicken came in a separate plate, but they served it in my plate when they brought it to me. How sweet. I felt taken care of.

Yummy? 😋😋😋 Yes, and definitely my style. If you love savory food, caribbean and grilled flavors, then this is definitely a spot that you should try when traveling to Geneva.

✨When Should You Go There?✨ If you’re sightseeing in the city, running some errands or meeting a friend and you simply need something quick, substantial and inexpensive to eat, then I recommend this place. The servings are large enough to get you through the afternoon, and so tasty that you will want to go for seconds! Trust me, “Ma Cousine” can cook. Walk in, no reservations required.

Reservation in Advance? No, just walk in! However, the place tends to be packed at the peak hours in the afternoons, especially during the weekend. But it empties out pretty quickly.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:00- 24:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 24:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 23:00

Find out more about Chez Ma Cousine here.

Spot #2: Jeck’s Place 

Location: this restaurant offers an exotic asiatic fusion of Singaporean, Thai, Malay, Indian and Chinese Food. Truly, a culinary “melting pot” and a rollercoaster for your tastebuds. The restaurant is located at Rue de Neuchâtel 14, 1201 Genève, Switzerland, downtown, Switzerland, and can be easily accessed by walking from the Cornavin station (Geneva’s #1 train station).

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 4.40.41 AM

Jeck’s Place: Location

Cost $: this is one of the cheapest restaurants in Geneva. You can get entrees for as low as CHF 24-25 (fish, chicken meals, etc.) and a few more options for a lower price.

Timeliness of Service👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽: The food came within a pretty decent time (10-15 mins), which is a plus.

Yummy?😋😋😋   Oh yes, definitely. We had a party of 7, and we ordered different entrees to share. I would recommend to do the same if you’re planning to have dinner with a huge group. That way, you get to taste a wide variety of menu options.

✨When Should You Go There?✨ Jeck’s Place is perfect for dinner with colleagues after work, unwind Friday night or even when you’re craving for something different, out of the regular flavors, something to excite your palate!

 Reservation in Advance? Recommended. The spot is pretty popular, and accommodates a modest amount of people. So if you are celebrating a special occasion or having dinner with a huge group, then I’d recommend booking in advance. Otherwise, you can walk in and dine.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 12:00- 14:00 and 18.30 – 22:30
Saturday – Sunday: 18:30 – 22:30

Find out more about Jeck’s Place here.

Spot #3: L’Entrecôte Couronnée

Location: L’Entrecôte Couronnée is located on Rue des Pâquis 5, 1201 Genève, Suisse. It’s at a walking distance (about 10 mins) from the Gare Cornavin.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 4.58.16 AM

Cost $: This restaurant is a bit on the “pricey” side, but if you’re treating yourself, go for it. It is still pretty decent for a good night out.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 5.16.56 AM

Snap shot of the menu: prices in Swiss Francs (CHF)

Timeliness of Service👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽: we were celebrating a friend’s birthday, and so we waited for our food for about 20 mins or less. Because you’re served an appetizer while waiting and you are chatting with good company, you don’t see the time passing. Only if you’re with…good company.

Yummy😋😋😋Oh yeah! I loved every bit of it, and so did the other folks who were there with me. The only down side to this was the fact that they did not serve any rice. I didn’t see it on the menu. And this was a bummer, because I am definitely a rice lover.

✨When Should You Go There? ✨If you’re in the mood for a hearty meal, if you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to try out some exquisite french (Lyon) food in Geneva, then this is “the” spot!

Reservation in Advance? This place is in very high demand, so I ‘”highly” recommend making a booking at least a day in advance.

Opening Hours:

M-F: from 12:00 PM to 14h and from 19h to 22h15. Closed on Saturday morning, Sunday and Monday.

Find out more about L’Entrecôte Couronnée here.

Spot #4: Le Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge

Another well-known eating spot in Geneva, Le Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge is a “French style” inspired restaurant and a uniquely great options to enjoy delectable meals in a very relaxed atmosphere, “à la française”.

Bistrot 1

Location: Le Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge is located at Rue Docteur-Alfred-Vincent 17, 1201 Genève, Suisse.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 6.34.22 PM.png

Cost: The price range is a bit similar to the previously reviewed restaurant, but as one of the best restaurants in Geneva, it is definitely worth it!

Timeliness of Service👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽: It took about 20 mins (or perhaps a little less) to get our food, so mission accomplished here.

Yummy😋😋😋Oh yes. You guys already know what a foodie I am, and so tastiness is a must whenever I eat. The menu is very diverse, and you can choose from a wide range of options. As appetizers, we had snails (French specialty). Though I can’t remember what our main meals were, they were pretty tasty.


✨When Should You Go There? ✨ If you’re in the mood for a hearty meal, if you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to try out some exquisite french (Lyon) food in Geneva, then this is “the” spot!

Reservation in Advance?  This place is in very high demand, so I ‘”highly” recommend making a booking at least a day in advance.

Opening Hours: M – F: 12:00 – 14:00 and 19:00 – 22:00

Find out more about Le Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge here.

Spot #4: La Buvette des Bains 

For all those who are fans of fondues and have searched for “the best fondue in Europe”, it’s got to be at La Buvette des Bains in Geneva. Personally, I didn’t know about the concept of eating cheese fondues prior to traveling to Geneva, but I quickly got to understand why this “hearty” meal is well appraised in Geneva.

What is fondue? Melted cheese. No: exquisite, tasty, melted cheese. That’s how the locals like it. Historically, to stay warm during winter months, farmers would melt cheese in a pot and prepare it (with or without wine), and eat it with some bread up on the mountain. This meal kept them warm and satisfied while they were taking care of their crops on top of the cold mountains. Today, fondue is one of the things that Geneva is known for, and all the fondues lovers I have met (online and on site) only swear by the fondue sold at La Buvette des Bains.



View of the Geneva Water Fountain from Bains des Paquis

Location: la Buvette des Bains is located at Quai du Mont-Blanc 30, 1201 Genève, Suisse. Accessing the site gives you an amazingly unique view of the Geneva Fountain, sightseeing spot and top touristic attraction.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 7.00.46 PM

Cost $: A regular fondue would cost on average, 23 CHF. I am not a fondue connoisseur, but the restaurant always had a high amount of tourists and locals, so I’d assume it was somehow, affordable for the fondue lovers. A lot of people also tend to buy a fondue and share among 3-4, which is pretty reasonable because, quite frankly, no one can finish such a high carb and fatty meal in a short amount of time. Or maybe some people can.

Timeliness of service👍🏽: we had to wait for quite some time before we could get a seat (as the spot seems to always be populated), and we still had to wait a lot of time (close to 30 mins) before getting our fondue.  

Yummy😋😋It turned out that I am not really a huge fan of cheese fondues, and so I can’t advise on this. Or maybe I wasn’t able to acquire the “expected taste” because it was my first time. But this is a highly recommended place, and if you love fondue, I think you should try it.

✨When Should You Go There? ✨ Winter, spring, summer or fall! During winter (which coincide with my trip to Geneva), make sure you are well covered. And yes, the fondue indeed keeps you warm:)

Reservation in Advance? Reservations by phone for the fondues only (highly recommended).

Very important: they only accept cash, no cards!

Opening Hours:

Everyday, from 7 am to 10.30 pm

Find out more about La Buvette des Bains here.

Have you been to any of these restaurants before? Let me know by dropping your comments below!

Words from a self-licensed foodie.

Love, Clem❤


“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”
Betheniel Frankel


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Dallas: The Foodie Who Ate on 54th Street

I had the privilege to spent some time with great company while spending the night in Dallas. There are cities where you can survive alone, and there are cities where… you won’t survive alone. And so, being able to reconnect with “Binta” was such a great, refreshing experience.

Dallas 1

We went to have brunch at 54th street (Restaurant/Drafthouse) and just to give you heads up (the address was a little bit confusing, because you can access the place from two different streets, but rest assured: it’s the same restaurant/drafthouse).

The place had a typical texan decor which, above anything else, shouldn’t be surprising. It was interesting, though, to see how much effort  they put in it.

Dallas 2

Overall, I was pleasantly pleased with the food options. I can’t remember what I ordered, but as you can see, though tired, I was pleasantly happy.

Dallas 7

Have you eaten at 54th Street before? What were your thoughts/impressions? I’d love to know.

Have you eaten at 54th Street before? What were your thoughts/impressions? I’d love to know.

In the meantime, if you’re planning to visit Dallas soon, here are some of my essential tips😎

Essential Tips for Visiting Dallas: 

  1. Travel with someone: the city is way too huge, and you might get bored alone
  2. If you can drive, rent a car: anyone else who has lived in Texas would support this. Otherwise, your experience will be a disaster.
  3. If you have friends/family/acquaintances/even enemies there, reconnect: not only is it good to keep in touch with people, but it makes a difference if you have someone from there who actually takes you around. I had never been to Dallas, but I have been to Houston and it seems to me that this is something very peculiar to Texas: the cities are huge, transportation system is not conducive to public transport, and everybody drives. So if you really have no one there, then you’ll be stuck with Ubers and Cabs for your entire trip.

Do you have any other tips for visiting Dallas? Share them here!

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“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”
― Anita Desai

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A Taste of Hawaii… In Chicago!

Hawai is definitely a destination I intend to visit some day, so having a taste of Hawai “before” actually going there was an amazing experience!


While in Chicago, my friends took me to the Tikki Terrace. It’s an awesome Hawaian restaurant located in Des Plaines (not really far from Chi-city).

One of the things I found interesting about this place was the fact that it’s like a needle in a haystack: a small gem located in the suburb, not downtown. Pretty precious.  The food was good, the drinks were better and the hosts and staff were the best! We also got to watch their famous Hula Show (ethnic dancers moving to the Hawaian beats!) and that was really entertaining.

And you know what the best part is? All of this was at an affordable price! Here is how we got the best deals for this place.



  • If you intend to go there, don’t expect to see a big display sign indicating that you have arrived at your destination. It’s at a pretty discrete location, so GPS is paramount.
  • Make sure you book in advance because the place is always packed and you can’t guarantee a seat if you just randomly walk in.
  • Make a reservation for a night when they have the Hula Show. It’s definitely worth it and gives you a better value for your money!

Clem’s Fun Moments!

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