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Week 4/12: A weekend at the Queen’s  (Part 2)

After living on the Nature Isle  (Dominica) for a few years, I have grown fond of loving small cities. And so, Visiting Oxford was a pleasure to me.

My brother, photographer and tour guide extraordinaire, made it his mission to show me the coolest architectural buildings in the world (ever) and the top reason why he loves this city.

The Radcliffe square is certainly his favourite spot, a very coveted touristic attraction and one of the famous ones in Oxford. It is located at the center of city and is surrounded by Oxford University colleges.

The Oxford Museum is also a very interesting site to visit, for all the culture and history lovers! 

Being in the city that has one of the largest libraries in the world was more than an educational apocalypse  (words from a bookworm). From speaking with my brother, I got to appreciate how unique the Oxford Bodleian library is. Even moreso, the fact that only 1% of the manuscripts they have are in libraries and the other 99% underground was even more fascinating. 

Sooner rather than later, all this book and architecture talk got us hungry and we decided to meet some of my brother’s friends for burgers at Byron.

From the get go, I noticed that most of their products were custom made: napkins, set tables, and even their pepper sauce  (signature, Byron). However, what really impressed me was this originally designed drinks menu…

Feeling adventurous, I went for their specialty burger: the Cluckosaurus Rex! I am happy I did because that was a unique culinary experience! And if you really want to know where that burger name comes from, stop by at Byron at your next visit to Oxford!

Oxford was one of the cities that I have always (secretely) wanted to visit, and Traveling there last weekend was truly a enjoyable experience, especially with my tour guide and photographer extraordinaire, my brother. 🚩

I really hope to visit Christchurch as well as the Deer Park  (Magdalene College) next time I travel there, hopefully soon!

Thank you for reading.

Love, Clem.❤

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Week 4/12: A weekend at the Queen’s (Part 1)

After having spent 4 intensely productive weeks in Geneva, my body, mind and soul started to cry for a break, in harmony: it was time for a revitalizing change in scenery. So I packed a bag and headed to London.

For those of you who follow my live travel adventures on SnapChat  (Clemy009), you’d recall that this particular experience did not start on a  positive note – but it was also a kind reminder that even when everything is planned perfectly, everything can still go wrong and it’s really important that you do your best to remain positive and ask for help when in distress. 

In a nutshell, I nearly missed my flight, and I am happy to share my top tips to make sure this never happens to you (article coming up soon!)

This was meant to be a weekend trip, so I only needed my carry-on. Little did I know, my carry-on (which is NOT the one represented on this picture) was too big for British Airways, and as such I had to check it in and pay extra fees. They have a small tool that helps to assess the size and width of your carry-on. It was a bit irritating, because I am used to travel with that carry-on and I have never faced any “size” issue. Having to spend that extra cash was not amusing, and I felt the need to write this article here: The Perfect Carry-on (coming up soon!)

Apart from all these, the flight was enjoyable. Within 50 mns, I arrived at my destination. The excitement started to build up again, then suddenly and dramatically dropped when I got to the immigration line, which was pretty similar to this.

I spent nearly two hours there, and the fact that it was moving at the speed of a centipede was not helping! This reminded me of what a pain arriving at international airports can be. But again… nothing was going to make me lose my mojo.

I was particularly excited because I was going to see this amazing guy, whom I hadn’t seen in years now! I think we do look alike.

We share our passion for traveling, good food and unstoppable jokes. He would be the perfect travel companion, even more so because he takes amazing pictures. Never a dull moment! 

We started out sightseeing adventure, reminiscing the good old days, while walking on the streets of London.

Everyone knows London’s iconic telephone booths, and I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only tourist who thought taking a picture there was “not” a silly idea!

As a first timer in the English metropole, I loved fhe fact that there are random, unique and cool Art pieces and statues that you can take pictures with. It makes the promenade so much more interesting. #ThumbsUp 

It’s a common custom in many cultures to make a wish by throwing a coin in an iconic fountain. I did not have any coin at the time, but I know that with faith, hope and prayer, my wish will come true. ❤

The Buckingham Palace is a royal residence, an iconic venue for high end state events and welcome receptions and at the same time, an unmatchable touristic attraction.  The palace houses the current  Monarch and it’s entrance is guarded by a statue in honor of the very first monarch to occupy the palace: Queen Victoria

The sun was setting as we were walking through the gates of this beautiful garden. The wheel in the background reminded me of the Ferrys Wheel in Chicago.

One of the things that makes the United Kingdom so unique in my eyes, is the proudly preserved Ancient architecture. I have not seen such historically relevant and beautiful architecture in any of the countries I have been to. I truly felt like if we were wearing era-appropriate costumes, we could easily recreate a medieval scene in the UK. 

Caption: the Big Ben, Westminster Abbaye.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for the rest of the adventure (Part 2)!

Love, Clem❤

Photocredits (for all the pictures with the blog ID): my awesome brother! 

Clem’s Fun Moments!

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