Top 4 Free Nightlife Hotspots in Dominica!

After such a huge event like Dominica Jazz n Creole 2017 , a lot of people tend to go on a “low key” spending mode, and most people think about “saving” before the next big thing (which in this case, is probably the Dominica World Creole Music Festival). That is quite understandable and matter-of-factly, expected. Nonetheless, the island never sleeps, and there is always something going on… somewhere… at some point, whether you’re looking for light nightlife entertainment, or you want to dive in at a bar in Dominica.

So if you still want to have a good time and not pay for it (or pay less than $10 USD), here are 5 hot spots that you can definitely check out on the Nature Isle:

Banana Tree (formerly known as Garage Bar n Grill).

3. Garage
Chilling and celebrating a friend’s birthday at Banana Tree. PS: we were the life of the party.😎

This spot has been rocking from the time I got to the island, and it still is, xxx years later. Certainly, a lot of renovations, name changes and adjustments have taken place, and the spot got even better! I’d always call it Garage (because that’s how I know it from the beginning of times). So, Garage (Banana Tree) is a great night spot for an easy night out, among friends, on a date, for a casual drink, or for a well-rounded party!

Cost: free

The Fort Young Hotel

2. Fort Young
(Clearly) Doing more than “chilling” at the Fort Young Hotel after a Music Concert😎

The Fort Young Hotel is a “jack of all trades” kind of venue. Whether you’re looking to rent a room for a graduation ceremony, a conference, a classy event or a “live-band entertainment” kind of vibes, this hotel has just what it takes.  There are avenues and venues for almost anything you want to do, and the hotel is flexible enough to change the setting or propose a specific hotel location based on your event. For casual Friday nights and drinks, they offer a “happy hour” event for guests, tourists and locals.

Cost: less than $10 USD

Urban Garden 

4. Urban
Chilling at Urban Garden during a Jazz n Creole Fringe event😎

Urban Garden has quickly risen to become one of the hottest nightlife spot in Roseau. Sometimes, when I don’t have plans, once I know something is happening at Urban Garden, I get dressed up and head there because I know it’s going to be something awesome. One of the things I love the most about Urban Garden, is the fact that they usually have live bands and young, uprising musicians entertaining on regular nights. (And they have pretty awesome deals on drinks too). It’s a great spot to spot unique and trendy local talent. Recruiters, celebrity agents and producers, please take note. This is where you ought to be. Plus, its free!😎

Cost: free

Reggae on the Boardwalk

1. Raggae
Chilling at the boardwalk with special friends:) 

This is literally what the place offers: awesome reggae music on a boardwalk. And if you’re with someone special, it’s even more memorable. Once you’ve been there once, you’ll be hooked for the rest of your days! The ambiance, the atmosphere and the view on the sea are all reasons why I love this place. Reggae on the boardwalk is on every Thursday, and each Thursday always has a special twist…

Cost: less than $10 USD.

And you, what are your favorite entertainment spots on the nature isle? Let us know in your comments below!



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