Hot Spot, Night Spot: Fort Young Hotel, Dominica

Have you ever looked forward to Friday so much that everyday starts looking like Friday?


I’ve been looking forward to Friday for last week’s Friday, and even though it’s not Friday yet, this is a Friday mood kind of post… And a good opportunity for me to share one of my favorite spots on the entire island with you! 🤗

Sometimes you feel like going out for a casual drink, nothing more, just to chill. And tonight felt like… just that. I had something to celebrate, a personal achievement. All of us did. And there was no better way to do this than at Fort Young Hotel. Located at the heart of the city center, you literally can’t miss it. If you’re visiting, this is a “must stop”.

For us, it was simply drinks among friends to celebrate a great achievement, but for you, it might be something more!

If you’re looking for day-time delights, I have tried the Fort Young Hotel daily brunch and it is pretty off the hook! Caribbean cuisine to make your “palate” drop and your cup overflow. The daytime views are unique and beautiful, and the drinks at night are pretty cool too🍹The hotel is friendly and affordable for both tourists and locals, so if you can, spend a night or two!

Now, is it Friday yet? Because if it is, drinks on me! 😉

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