Many the Islands, only one Nature Isle: Dominica 

Living in Dominica has taught me an important lesson: it’s the little things that count, and those little things are what create magic.

There is magic in everything, if only you dare to see it. ❤️

It could be as trivial as revitalizing raindrops on your face on a seemingly unbearable hot day, the refreshing feeling of cookies&cream ice cream during a road trip, or simply, the pleasure of being at the right place at the right time, and enjoying one of Nature’s most beautiful sceneries, with the best of company.

For us, this afternoon, it was just that… And for such magical moments, I am grateful for being in Dominica. 🌴☀️

Many the islands of the Caribbean, but only one Nature Isle.❤

So live the magic wherever you are.

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”. Anita Desai

3 thoughts on “Many the Islands, only one Nature Isle: Dominica 

    1. Definitely! There is always something going on, all year round! Best times to visit include the Carnival Season (February – March) and the independence season (October – November). in between, you have a lot of summer activities such as Jazz and Creole,etc. I recently shared a review on my blog as well (sometime in June). Feel free to reach out when you plan on going! (PS: I know all the cool places)


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