Welcome to Durban! South Africa’s Best Kept Secret…

Welcome to Durban! South Africa’s Best Kept Secret…

For all the who have been following this adventure on Facebook (Travel with Clem), Instagram (TravelwithClem) and on Twitter (@travelwithclem) and SnapChat (I can’t remember the username but I am pretty sure you can find it on my IG), you know how excited I’ve been about this trip!


Thank you for bearing with me through the 7 (or more) days of secrecy, it was hard for me too:) But after reading this post, you’ll agree that Durban was definitely worth it!

I went to Durban for a business trip (as it is the case for all my other trips). By now, you’d know that I seldom take vacations, I just always seem to be at the right place at the right time:) I’d love to tell you how amazing Air Emirates was. but I’ll probably keep that information for my blog post on the best airlines to travel with:)


Going to Durban was a melting pot of emotions: exhilaration, astonishment, fear, apprehension, skepticism, excitement and of course inspiration: if you had been away from the motherland for as long as I had, you’ll perhaps know exactly how I felt:)


During my trip, I met a local, quite an interesting encounter. He insisted on me trying the Bunny Chow, Durban’s favorite dish, which consists of a bread fountain filed with a savory curry sauce and a meat of choice. I knew there was no scenario with me not trying that dish, so I made sure to experience it before leaving.


Or more like…as soon as I arrived.

As beautiful as Durban is at night, the best sceneries are truly witnessed during the day.


Durban beaches are one of a kind. I have traveled to several countries and island, and there are simply none like the South Beach and all the other beaches you find in Durban. Walking along the Promenade is simply such a unique and relaxing experience. You can see both locals and tourists enjoy the walk everyday, at all hours of the day.




Walking on the Promenade is very safe, and you can see Police officers patrolling around the area all day long. In addition to the safety component, it’s also very clean. You’ll see a lot of garbage cans (like the one in the picture below) all along the sea shore.


While walking up and around, you’ll also notice local merchants selling their products (mostly, souvenirs and beachwear) along the beach.This is something very typical for African cities.


I was repeatedly told by local folks that the uShaka Marine World was a must see before leaving Durban, and I am so grateful to have been able to go there. In fact, this is the top attraction I’d recommend to anyone going there on a short stay.


uShaka is a great hangout spot for all people (whether single, in couple, or even families). You can relax on the beach, enjoy one of their animals shows or simply grab a bite at one of their restaurants. There is something in there for everyone.

This epic structure gladly welcomes you at the entrance, and you have no option BUT to take a picture! (Caption: Clem with her newly found – and short term travel partner extraordinaire)


For anyone planning to go there, I’d advise dedicating the entire day (morning to afternoon) for a full uShaka experience.

Because we were pressed with time, we were only able to watch the Dolphin Show, which was amazing on its own! But if you really want to explore everything, I recommend keeping a picture of these showtimes so you can schedule your time accordingly!



Getting this close to a shark was epic, I had never seen one so close! For those who are more adventurous, there is an option to enter the shark tank (in a protected and highly secure cage). We actually saw some people in the cage in the tank while we were there. This is not something I’d recommend to anyone, however. You never know what could happen.


This babe knew we were into her(the turtle). We had been stalking her for a while now, and eventually, she decided to come and say Hi. 🙂


I promise, I was not trying to take this fish home:)


I can safely say, and this with no reservations, that the highlight of our trip to uShaka was the Dolphin Show. This was simply amazing. I mean, seeing a dolphin this up close, getting to observe uShaka’s knowledgeable staff and they interact with their dolphins, and  just being in this whole environment is just something that everyone should experience. I definitely changes your perspective of marine life, but it also makes you realize the beauty in the little things that we so often overlook.


And did I mention how affordable this was? For only about 15 USD, you can get a whole day pass to the uShaka Marine World center, and take advantage of everything: all the 4 animal adventures: Dolphin Show, Seal Show, Shark Feed and Penguin Feed, and also have access to the beach!

We decided to only stay for the Dolphin Show, and given how amazing this was, I can only imagine how the Penguin Feed, Seal Show and Shark Feed would have been. <3


Durban is definitely a place that I’d love to go back to, very soon.

Thank you for reading!



PS: if you’d like to see more pictures of my trip to Durban, Check out the awesome video I posted my Facebook page: Travel with Clem (took me several hours to work on in between flights…so no pressure) Hope you enjoy!

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