Week 2/12: Defeat the Heights! Le Mont Saleve 

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Week 2/12: Defeat the Heights! Le Mont Saleve 

I used to be a very fit person back in high school, but very soon, life and growing up took a toll on that side of me!

I met Yihan here and since she came to Geneva, she’s been wanting to do the Mont Saleve hike. You’d think I would be very excited because I have been living in Dominica (Nature Isle, land of beauty and hiking and amazing sceneries)  for a few years… But nope! I just wasn’t having it, until today, I decided to “Just do it”!

We took the road today at 7:00 AM, taking into consideration the time it would take us to reach the hiking point. For those who are following my adventures on SnapChat  (clemy009) that’s where I was going to this AM!

Yihan and Hero (he’s a really hero, but without a cape) were the perfect travel companions. They helped me to force my inexperienced legs to keep the pace. Motivation wise, I think it really helps to do these things with people who have more experience than you. They helped to keep the momentum going. 

I had heard about this Mont Saleve hike for a while now, so going was not just to push myself, but also to find out what it is that locals and tourists fancy so much about that site.

The adventure trail was interesting, but my legs were getting tired and there was just no way to escape or go back. For my friends in Dominica, simply imagine doing the Waitukubuli trail (Wotten Waven- Bellevue segment) at high altituds, temp: 1 C, in the snow! Because of the fear of falling, the aching hamstrings and the freezing cold (in my extremities) I started wishing I never went. Honestly. 

Eventually, we reached a  little town where we were able to take a quick water break and confirm with locals that we were on the right direction, in French! 

We got to a point where we were at cross roads, and we didn’t know which road to take. Luckily, there was a house, outside of which there was a very cute and little dog who seemed to be catching a cold. We had a unanimous “awwww” moment, and all tried to get the owner’s attention to let the dog in. He thanked us, and we took that opportunity to ask what was the fastest road to take. Had that dog not been there, we would have probably spent an extra hour on the trail! Oh man. Thank God for that dog.

Roughly about 2h25 mns into the hike, we reached this point, and Oh the joy in Clementine’s heart! I could feel the accomplishment already… at that moment, there was no more pain.. at least for a while!

We finally made it to the point where we could take the cable car down. Instead of going back right away, we decided to go all the way to the tip of the mountain, the Observatory  (L’Observatoire).

At the tip of the Observatory, you get to a point where you can see both the French side and the Swiss side. This instantly reminded me of Scottshead, Dominica, where you can see the Atlantic Ocean on the right and the Caribbean Sea on the left. Epic view. 

Here, the Swiss site was a bit cloudy, so we couldn’t see most of the town. 

But here…the view was simply beyond compare❤ Enduring the sore legs, aches and cold was worth this once-in-a-lifetime view. 

We then took the cable car to get down, and we were able to appreciate this amazing view.

I am so glad I decided to go against all my fears and take this trip. I just might have developed a new level of respect for hikers and a new appreciation for hiking. I can’t wait to get back on the Nature Isle, Dominica, to conquer the trails! 

I felt so accomplished and extremely grateful for my travel companions: Yihan, the motivator who inspired this hike and Hero (the hero) who generously lent me his hiking shoes and helped in taking those awesome shots!

I got reminded of the fact that fear is only in our mind, and once you decide to break that fear, you’re on your way to achieve your greatest potential.

Love, Clem❤

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Gislaine Ada Ngaska

November 21, 2017 at 10:00 am

Dear Clem:
Thank you for sharing these nice and inspiring pictures!

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