Week 1/12: Welcome to Geneva! 

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Week 1/12: Welcome to Geneva! 

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Hello to you, where ever you are!

I’ll be sharing my Geneva experience here every week, and I hope you find this interesting and why not, inspired to travel and seize the day too!

Earlier this week, I posted on my Instagram account @travelwithclem: “Ignorance is a bliss, but knowledge is power”. Allow me to correct myself: knowledge is “invaluable” power.

I’ve noticed that whenever I travel, I have an insatiable need to learn about the place where I am going: who built this city? what is your story? This makes my stay much more enjoyable as it makes me appreciate the city and country on a different level. Furthermore, it makes me really understand why a specific “touristic attraction” became a place of interest.  And in Geneva, “Maison Tavel” is one of those unique touristic sites.

This was the house of a family of Bourgeois in Geneva  (called the Tavel), and it is said that the house partly survived the fire that destroyed 2/3 of the city on September 4th, 1334 (the greatest fire in Geneva in the middle age). The house was rebuilt while maintaining its originality and eventually became a historical site in 1923. 

Remnants of the fire were collected around the city and added to the house, and it truly depicts  the true Geneva art, architecture and lifestyle in that era.

So, travel with Clem through the Middle Age in Geneva!

Miniature Kitchen, Maison Tavel (Geneva)

Serving trays, pots and jars, made with Tin. Maison Tavel, Geneva

Serving jars for multiple use: cold water, hot water, cold milk, warm milk,etc. Maison Tavel, Geneva

Spoons for salt (small) and Spoons for table sugar in grains. Maison Tavel, Geneva

Living room. Maison Tavel, Geneva

Chandelier. Maison Tavel, Geneva

Stamp. Maison Tavel, Geneva

Doctor’s suturing/emergency kit, made of tin. Maison Tavel, Geneva

Needle holder. Maison Tavel, Geneva

Shoes buckle. Maison Tavel, Geneva

Original Pillar from the Middle Age. Untouched, unchanged, only preserved. Maison Tavel, Geneva.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip through Geneva’s middle age lifestyle! I surely did. Right after looking at all these plates, knives and forks (what we would refer to as ” Fine China” today), I was surely hungry, and so I went to the place where they make the “Best Chicken in Geneva“. Find out more here!

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