The Journey: How I visited Guadeloupe in less than 24 hours! 

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The Journey: How I visited Guadeloupe in less than 24 hours! 

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Part 1/3 – Dominica to Guadeloupe 

Hi everyone!

I am excited to write this blog post or the first part for my trip to Switzerland. This is all about the journey, going there… Guadeloupe was my first stop, and I have always wanted to visit Guadeloupe.

I knew about this beautiful French island since high school, and I am grateful that this trip experience gave me the opportunity to stop there, even if it was just… 24 hours… now, get geared to read about the craziest 24 hours of this trip! (I hope)…
4:00 PM – Dominica 

It all started when I boarded on the ferry from Dominica, after all the goodbyes/see you in 3 months. I was very apprehensive about being sea sick (it has happened to be before..). Luckily, it was a smooth ride.

6:30 PM – Guadeloupe.

YAY! FINALLY MADE IT. The immigration line took about an hour, and that surely did not help on top of being tired, hungry and feeling the need to take a shower. But there was so much more to be grateful for. I then headed outside to grab a taxi to my accommodation,  and Lo and Behold – NONE.

For about an hour, I waited there alongside with other tourists. The excitement disintegrated rapidly, just like the hunger and tiredness escalated. But there was still more to be thankful.

After several episodes of pleading to the security officer to use his phone to call the guesthouse where I was supposed you stay, the phone kept ringing, and no one picked up. It was around 8 PM. Eventually, the security officer volunteered to callback one of the taxis that had come to pick up the first round of tourists. There were about 9 of us left with at least 9 suitcases in total.  We all silently prayed that there would be enough space.

The taxi took about 15 mns to come, and when he did, there seemed to be not enough space for all of us. Among us, there was a lady with two kids (or maybe even- excuse the fuzzy details, my brain was starting to go on “low power mode). The situation clearly called for our sense of humanity, and it felt like a general consensus to simply let her be the first to board.

But, interestingly enough  (and perhaps as a reward from the universe), another taxi came while we were boarding the first, and it seemed to solve our problems- at least for now…
I handed the taxi driver my address, and he said something along the lines of ” I am not exactly sure, but we will find it”. In french, of course. It was close to 9:00 PM… Despite the fact that the driver was convinced we would find the apartmenr, I started thinking of “what ifs” , especially because we were not able to get the host on the phone… but eventually, the skilled driver found his way and I felt a huge and well-needed sense of relief. Turned out that the booking website did not update the host accommodation contact details, which is why he wasn’t able to be reach. But thank God, he was still awake at that time. Still started you go well again.

Around 10:00 PM – Check in

The apartment was very comfortable and very well put together. It felt like home, and nothing else mattered. I particularly loved the Asian themed bed. <3

Mr Moueza was very kind and check in was uneventful. He even volunteered to drive me to the closest MacDonald so I could solve my hunger issues. And boy, were they solved..

08:00 AM – breakfast is served! 

And it was pretty awesome! Patricia  (the cook) was great, courteous, “que du plaisir”!

11:00 AM – catching up with messages

I took that time to catch up with everyone back home, including my family who was checking up on me and my mom who questioned why I needed to carry my violin with me for this trip  (Abrsm exam coming in April, so … yeah). Then, I headed to the airport  (Mr Moueza offered to give me a ride) to check in, and after checking in, I hit the town for a quick and express sight seeing adventure!

I had to be back by 4:00 PM, so the race against the clock had started. 

2:00 PM – let the tight seeing begin! 

In some way, Pointe-a-Pitre reminds me a lot of Roseau, Dominica. There are some differences, though, but I was able to see some commonalities.

I met some fun German tourists who should be credited for this great picture are “La  Place de la Victoire”.

The  Bayfront here reminded me of the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard in Roseau, Dominica…

The next stop was… the Cathedrale Pierre et Paul.

I also had a glimpse of the city Theatre de la Renaissance here…

My next stop was at the Memorial ACS Museum. It’s a site that has regular historical expositions, and I hope to be able to go there again!

I was particularly interested in doing the exposition on slavery, and I’ll definitely try my best to stop by on my return! And oh yes, the boardwalk view was uniquely beautiful.

And guess whose country flight was standing there outside…

3:15 PM – Airport security check 

I made it back way ahead of time, and had sufficient time to pass through security and sit quietly while waiting for my flight to board.

I even had time to indulge in a pastry. Miam!

Finally, it was time to go…

That’s all for now, thank you for reading!

Ps: this is the fastest I have ever written a blog post.. as I am still traveling, I don’t have enough time but I’ll update this post later on to give you a bit more description on these places…

Transit time is crazy, but wanted to drop this out first!

Stay tuned for part 2/3: Guadeloupe to France.

Love, Clem <3



January 8, 2017 at 1:37 am

Nice one Clem…..waiting to read your future posts.


    January 8, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    Thank you Pam!

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