What Makes This Website Unique

                          ❤️37 Cities. ❤️ 15 Countries. ❤️ Only 1 life. ❤️

It’s not enough to share my passion. One of the goals of me creating this blog was to inspire every single reader to follow his passion, and chase his dreams as hard as he chases a drink. And I know that if your dream is to travel the world, 90% of people have difficulties finding money, finding cheap accommodation, finding cheap flights or even finding a destination. 

                                 SO WHAT MAKES MY BLOG SO UNIQUE?

1. Recommendations from experience: everything I share here is based on my personal experience from having visited 37 cities and 15 countries. I talk about my mistakes (so you can avoid them), and my accomplishments (so you can be inspired by them). But I also understand that we learn a great deal from each other. As such, I developed a section called “This Awesome Person Went To…” where other awesome people share their experience on awesome destinations they have visited.

2. Accurate and up-to-date reviews. This includes restaurants, bars, sights-to-see, hotels, accommodations in the cities where I go. That way, you know exactly what to do when you get to each city, and you can decide whether or not the place is for you.

3. Tips on Traveling Healthy: sure, getting great deals on hotels, flights and destinations is important. But what would you do if after having spent your time planning for your perfect vacation, you arrive there ad on Day 1, you fall sick? Yup. We always need to think about the “health side” of things, and as a Doctor, I’m pleased to include this innovative section on my travel website.

4. Self-Development and Life Coaching: I live to be happy, and I think we all should. Even if traveling is not your thing, then there is something else that you long to achieve, that you dream off, that would make you happy. And I can help you “Find Your Happy”!

In the meantime, want to see where I’ve been? Click on the map below!

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